Parent's attitude can make a difference!

The Parent’s Attitude

Try to be a patient observer and a careful listener.

Respect your child’s individuality. Do not compare him to others, even other siblings.

Respect all reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them. Never criticize.

Support as much as possible the child’s desires for activity. A child’s natural spontaneity is often stifled by the well-intended but unnecessary intervention of adults.

Place your confidence in the child. An adult’s confidence in a child is in itself a compulsive force to learning.

By you own interest in any activity; you give it dignity and solemnity. Your child will want to do the same work

As much as possible, free yourself to be with you child when the child is in need of you.

When the child reveals that he is not capable of handing a situation or of controlling himself, the parent should interfere. Any activity that is harmful or destructive to others should not be allowed.

Instead of repressing the little child is impelled (in spite of threats and punishments) to touch everything encourage it.

Rules are necessary and a part of reality. As soon as he is able to understand simple statements the reasons for various commands should be explained to him.

Do not tell the child things that are not so. Little children have entire, literal faith in what they are told.

Give as few negative commands as possible.

Try not to let the child risk failure until he has a reasonable chance of success.

Your attitude toward error must be supportive and understanding. No longer judge, but sympathize.

Give your child freedom to act independently. Show him how to do those things for himself he is capable of doing. Every unnecessary help is a hindrance.

Most importantly, keep in mind your own limitations. You are first of all a mother or father and must adapt your teaching in a way unique to yourself and your child.

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