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June 10 - August 16  

10 weeks of Skating and Music Summer Fun

Music Program

Water Program

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The Rhythm of Learning is unique to our classroom.

We believe music tremendously benefits Children’s ability to develop academic and social skills.

We start our morning with music to set the joyful rhythm for the day. During summer time, we learn new song in foreign languages (Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, Russian, French, Italian, etc) every week. Singing in foreign languages gives countless benefits to young learner and provide lifetime enrichment.

During piano week, campers will have a chance to explore piano practices,

touch and feel grand pianos and learn short songs to kindle their interest in 

Music Instruments.

At the end of the summer, all ages of children will perform in the concert as solo singers or piano and other instruments performers, dancers and choir singers.

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We use daily water activities for every age groups.

Toddlers have fun on the playground with sand and water boxes, toddler pools and sprinklers.

We attend aquatic center in Vernon Hills and Mundelein, we provide weekly swim lesson and fun group swimming at GoldFish swim school.

Our field trip includes the lake at the Independence Grove Forest Preserve.

Tennis Program

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Campers will be exposed to learning the basic skills of Tennis everyday of the week. The week will end with an exciting tournament.

Robotics Program

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Designed by “RoboThink” design team to provide Grades 1-9 students with fun and engaging opportunities to explore science and technology with no experience needed. Our Rhythm of Learning Summer Camp runs from 7am – 6pm Monday through Friday.

RoboThink week (week of June 26th) is filled with exciting, hands-on experiences using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  These experiences are designed to build interest, knowledge, and technical skills the campers can take with them into the classroom and beyond.

The campers will build design and build their own ROBOT models and RoboThink offers fun and exciting Robotics, Engineering and Coding programs where engineers, thinkers and builders of all ages can explore the exciting world of STEM!


Dance Program

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Campers will have fun learning various dance forms and movements around the world. Each day of the week will be dedicated to one dance form.


Arts and Crafts Program

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Campers will be creating various art forms each day of the week.

From Origami to canvas art, they will be exposed to creating their own masterpieces!

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