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  • Soumya Jain

Cooking, with Love

If there is one thing we know children love, it's pizza. And while getting a slice of hot, cheesy pizza is as easy as buying it frozen from the market or hopping to the Italian restaurant around the corner, creating one from scratch is actually, an art.

Our inquisitive, active children, however, took up the challenge to make a pizza, right from kneading the dough to putting in the oven. And what came out was indeed a labor of love, patience and immense hard work!

The children even planted avocado seeds to learn how are ingredients come to the kitchen table!

Planting avocados at VHMA

And after they had made a pizza in-house, we took them to Wa-Pa-Ghetti's Pizza in Wheeling, Illinois, to try their hands at making pizza in a professional setting, with proper tools in their hands, and a chef to guide them who does it everyday! And needless to say, they were brilliant at it! And soon after, they enjoyed a slice or more of their creation.

VHMA at Wa-Pa-Ghetti's Pizza, Wheeling

Cooking is a learning process which takes years to perfect. But our children have already learnt the art of using their industrious hands to whip up something happily, with all their love poured into it.

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