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  • Soumya Jain Agarwal

5 Fun Things to do with Children at Home in Winters

It’s that time of the year, which is the most beautiful, yet the most feared and dreaded! It’s winter. It’s Christmas time. It’s family time. Yet you don’t really want to put a foot out there unless absolutely important.

Family fun time

With this winter proving to be a long and harsh one already, why not spread some cozy cheer inside the house with your little children, who are always bobbing up and down like a spring, with the kind of energy you wish you had now!

So here are some easy, peasy fun activities, which you can do with your children at home. No need to step out in the snow!

1. Cooking: You must have heard this one before. You anyways have to do it. Might as well involve the children… So play some loud festive music and see the spirits soaring. Tell the kids to tear up the lettuce, peel the boiled potato, wash the fruit, put the ingredients inside the blender jar - any small steps they are capable of doing. And if you have an itsy-bitsy toddler in hand, then just put some peas in a small plastic bowl, give him a spoon, and see how dedicatedly he will mix them before finally deciding to put them in his mouth. Win-win situation, ain’t it?

Family cooking together

2. Movies with Hot Cocoa: This one even you will enjoy. Mix that quick cuppa hot cocoa for all of you, and share some of your favorite childhood movies with the little ones. There are many which even you would like to re-watch we are sure: Jumanji, the Home Alone series, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Night at the Museum, Baby’s Day Out… The lost goes on, as will the day…

3. Decorate the room: Give some paper, kid-friendly scissors and colors to the kids. Ask them to make their favorite shapes – whether they are flowers, animals, fruits, trees or even snowflakes! Cut them out, put some shiny sequins or glitter on them, and help them stick the shapes or hang them in their room. Not only will the exercise excite and tire them, but they will love to see the glitter shimmering slightly, just as they close their eyelids for a good night sleep.

4. Board Games: Now who will say no to this? Take out that Snakes & Ladders or Monopoly and see the children scrambling and screaming to take that win! If cards is more your thing, then teach them some hands at a new game. It’s going to be one happy day in the house, we assure you.

5. Family Photos: Take out some prints of family photos, and put them in colorful frames. Choose a wall in the house and make a collage with the kids. Feel the finished wall warm the cockles of your heart. Sigh!

If there is more you would like to add to this list, do tell us. We have a lot of kids to engage at school!

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