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An Unforgettable Summer

At our Summer Camp, we are not just "going through the motions." We believe that every child should have the greatest, most fun-filled summer possible. Swimming is a key component of the summer season, that is why we have spread swimming time throughout the duration of our summer camp. At our Summer Camp, swimming happens every week, at multiple locations, including: Willow Stream Aquatic Center, Wheeling Aquatic Center, Vernon Hills Aquatic Center, Lake Zurich Beach, and Independence Grove. We love cooking, that is why we have an entire week dedicated to it. We will be making pizza, tortellini, veggie rolls, mashed potatoes, and caramel. We love going to new places, which is why

every Wednesday is a field trip day. We will be going to: Animal Gardens in Lake Geneva, Stade's Farm for strawberry picking, Navy Pier for a boat tour, Spray and Play in Buffalo Grove, Green Meadows Farm, Chicago Botanical Gardens, Lego Land, Jelly Belly Factory, and the Lincoln Park Zoo! We will have so much fun exploring new places and learning new things along the way! Singing was always the best part of our school, that's why every week, we will be learning a new song in a different language. The languages of the songs will include: French, Bulgarian, Serbian, Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Japanese. We will finish the final week with a concert day and a fun day of working in the garden and skating.

All of these activities provide a full experience for the children,

providing them the opportunity learn while also having fun! Register today! 847-918-0342

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