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An Unforgettable Summer!!!

The First week of summer program finished strong with Soccer ,Gardening and super- FUN water activities at ms Margarita's place. As we told you, after all try-outs of private and group music lessons we finalized our Weekly and Daily Schedule.

At our Summer Camp, we are not just "going through the motions." We believe that every child should have the greatest, most fun-filled summer possible. Swimming is a key component of the summer season, that is why we have spread swimming time throughout the duration of our summer camp. Swimming happens every week, at multiple locations, including: Grayslake Aquatic Center(Every Tuesday), Vernon Hills Aquatic Center(Every Thursday), Lake Zurich Beach(will be announced separately), and Independence Grove(we will check it again in july.We did not like it so much:).

Children loved Tennis lessons and we suggest you to keep tennis rackets at school,so your child will be progressing his/her skills by daily practice at the end of the day.

Soccer Class is confirmed for Fridays at 10 am.(separate registration on line)

After Soccer children will learn about plants,weeds,berries while Gardening.

Wild straberries already read,the peaches are still green,but not for long;goosberies,red and black current,tomatoes,cucumbers and salads...They all will see it growing during this summer.

Friday competition of Crazy Socks was exciting.We hope our winner Val Staevsky loved his price-Robothink Lego. Please check the reminders on Procare every night for future daily activities.

Individual 30 min music lessons will be conducted between 8:30 -10:00 AM and 2:00-6:00 PM (depend on teacher's availability,yevery child will get the exact Day and Time for weekly private class)on the following days:

Drums/Guitar-Monday-Tuesday(Mr Mick) and Thursday-Friday(Mr Andrew)

Piano/Voice-Mon/Tue(Mr Mick or Ms Olga) and Thurs-Fri(Ms Marianna)

The Registration for these classes must be received Tomorrow.

This coming week is a Drumming Week! Mr Mick will conduct Drum Circle at 3:15 PM

TOMORROW is a MEET A HAIRDRESSER DAY!We will learn what it takes to be a hairdresses and how to become a Hairdresser or Barber! Girls will learn some technic and styles of hair cut.Your child can have a haircut tomorrow!

We will continue the fun water activities at Ms Margarita's place on Mondays and Fridays.Group singing is at 9 am on Monday and Tuesday and at 10 am on Thursday at 10 am at the Music School!Let's learn the songs for our

End of Summer Extravaganza concert!

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