June 14 - August 20 

10 weeks of Skating and Music Summer Fun

 S u m m e r      C a m p      2 0 2 1


Summer camp lunch
Summer camp lunch
Summer camp lunch
Summer camp lunch
Summer camp lunch
Summer camp lunch

Lunch Program

  • Maria Montessori believed that meal time is an extremely valuable learning opportunity for children.  From the time children can sit independently, Montessori children sit at a child-sized table and learn to feed themselves.  They learn grace of movement by setting the table with breakable, child-sized dishes and glasses.  They practice courtesy by using please and thank you, chewing with their mouths closed, serving others first and through conversation.

  • Five day per week hot lunch program for additional $100 a month.

  • Sack lunch brought from home Monday through Friday.


Sack Lunch

Our children have the option of bringing a sack lunch to school. All sack lunches brought from home will be refrigerated upon arrival at school.

Hot Lunch

VH Montessori’s nutritional, child-friendly hot lunch program appeals to the demanding appetites of children. The majority of families choose to participate in the hot lunch program. We also have vegetarian options like Pasta with Veggies, Mac and Cheese, Hot Rice pilaf, cous-cous with veggies as alternative lunch options. Alternative lunch options also include a variety of sandwiches (Chicken, peanut butter and jelly, bagel and cream cheese) fresh fruits and yogurt or Fresh veggies. All children are given a choice of milk, water or juice drink with lunch.

Hot Supper

We serve hot supper for our full day and after school children. The options include a vegetarian Soup of the Day (Split Pea/ Veggie Pasta Soup/Veggie soup/ Alphabet soup etc) or Traditional Pancakes with Syrup or Potato Pancakes with cheese sauce. We also serve ethnic supper options like cutlets and mashed potatoes, Polish sausages on special occasions.

Special Dietary Needs and Food Allergies

Vernon Hills Montessori is very responsive to the individualized dietary needs of our children. If your child has specific dietary needs or food allergies, please do mention to the teacher during the time of admission. Parents and teachers will continue to communicate regularly to monitor any dietary needs. We will take whatever steps necessary to ensure that children are safe and comfortable at all times. It is our safety recommendation that children with special dietary needs and severe food allergies bring a sack lunch from home. A small shoe box of safe treats sent from home should also be kept at school. This assures that the children with specific dietary needs can enjoy a special treat with their group during birthdays and other occasions.