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Lindenhurst Rhythm of Learning Academy "Modern Montessori School"

My name is Margarita Shvets. I am the Director of Vernon Hills Montessori Academy. I received Masters Degree in Music and Psychology and Methods of Primary Education. In 1991 I successfully graduated from Midwest Montessori Teachers Training Center in Evanston IL, and received Montessori Certification. From 1992 to 2000, I worked as dedicated Directress of three to six years old classroom at Riverwoods Montessori School. I am also an author of 2 books: “The Rhythm of Learning” and “ Rhythm of my Life”. With my fast experience of more than 30 years, I developed unique and easy to learn system of teaching piano playing and music theory. My own Montessori and Music program has been taught in various Montessori schools since 2000.

Every year children enter our school in Vernon Hills and discover the wonder of learning. Every day is an opportunity for children to make new friends, learn new skills, develop and grow to talented, responsible individual. Our staff is committed to every child and letting them know that all children are welcome to Vernon Hills Montessori Academy. The daily music classes really help children in building the strong foundation for future learning. Also; children have a lot of fun and excitement of learning playing on various instruments and performing. Our children become enthusiastic learners, creative explorers and individuals who respect themselves and others. Our knowledgeable teachers are professionals in early childhood education and child development.

Our well trained staff practices strict health and hygiene policies.

All staff carries CPR and First aid certifications. We encourage and welcome parent participation in all areas of our program. It is our goal to extend, reinforce and complement a child’s education, our music program and family life.

We invite you and your child to spend a day with us and discover how FABULOUS our program is AT NO COST TO YOU.

We are very excited to expand our Academy in the village of Lindenhurst.

It will be the Modern Montessori School! And I am happy to invite EVERYONE to our New School!

For any questions please contact us at (847)878-9249 or (847)918-0342

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